WS2812 RGB Pixel Stick module 5V


WS2812 RGB Pixel Stick module 5V

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  • 8x 5050 SMD RGB Built-In WS2811 IC Addressable Dream Color
  • Current: 144mA
  • Connect up to 128 module in cascade
  • Emitted Colour : Red / Green / Blue : in any combinations
  • Forward Voltage: 3.5~5.3V

These Pixel Sticks have 8 of the 5050 (5mm x 5mm) smart RGB LEDs onto a PCB with a chainable design.

Use only one microcontroller pin to control up to 128 chained together!

Each LED is addressable as the driver chip WS2811 is inside the LED.

Power the whole thing with 5VDC.

Fun to experiment with and are easy to use!